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Auto Mechanic Resume. Replace “i” and “my” with action verbs that describe your accomplishments. You can earn higher income if you work with government agencies or automotive dealers but you need an auto mechanic resume that will rev up interest from the employer.

10 Automotive Jobs Resume Ideas Resume Template
10 Automotive Jobs Resume Ideas Resume Template from www.thephrnetwork.com

A car mechanic resume is not complete without explaining competencies in software applications, system tools, and electronic technologies. Carrying out repairs and replacing damaged parts. If you bold one job title, be sure to bold the rest.

10 Automotive Jobs Resume Ideas Resume Template

Write the dates in the month and year format across all sections of your automotive technician resume. 123 fake street | city, state, zip code. The median annual salary for an auto mechanic is $37,120. Inspects and maintains a diverse fleet of vehicles including, but not limited to, electric vehicles, medium and heavy duty vehicles, golf carts, trailers, and hydraulic repair.