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Dog Spinning Bulgaria. #foxpeekwhat these people did to t. A bulgarian mayor last week defended an ancient ritual where a dog is suspended above water on a rope and spun rapidly until it falls in.

Dog spinning Bulgaria ESDAW
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22:50 est, 28 february 2012 The president of bulgaria dogs are fixed on a rope that hangs from a trunk, then the rope´s spinned and let slipped out of some men´s hands, so the poor dogs spin several times, that´s a torture and has to be stopped, may those men call it tradition, it´s just animal abuse!!! Discussion about dog spinning in bulgaria [page 2] at the godlikeproductions conspiracy forum.

Dog spinning Bulgaria ESDAW

In this video you will discover : The tradition of dog spinning involves a supposedly beloved animal, hoisted between two poles and attached to a rope that is then revved to spin and spin until the dog finally falls, disoriented and terrified, into a puddle of water below. Things that make you say what the f*ck. #foxpeekwhat these people did to t.