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Door In The Face Vs Foot In The Door. When i was younger, i used to enjoy playing video games. Low ball technique and foot in the door technique enables a requester to increase the chances of the subjects agreeing to accomplish given requests without external pressures.

"FootintheDoor" phenomenon
"FootintheDoor" phenomenon from www.pinterest.com

She then follows that up by requesting for a 9 pm slot and is granted permission. So she asks her parents whether she can be home by 12 am and is immediately refused. One which is so demanding that.

"FootintheDoor" phenomenon

The persuader attempts to convince the respondent to comply by making a large request that the respondent will most likely turn down, much like a metaphorical slamming of a door in the persuader's face. An incentive, discount, or bonus is always offered. The foot in the door technique works by achieving a small yes first and then a bigger yes later. Here is how the phenomenon works.