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Fluency In Language. Someone at this language proficiency level was either raised speaking the language as their native tongue or has been speaking it so long that they are completely fluent. Second, accuracy is the tool of competence and matters only in exercises, exams and grammar/vocabulary activities, whereas fluency is the real performance of the competence and it enables learners to speak and.

English Teaching Zone Levels of Fluency Explained
English Teaching Zone Levels of Fluency Explained from anaisacunha.blogspot.com

It refers to the ability to converse with a native speaker, on a wide variety of subjects, without much strain on either side. Cambridge online learners dictionary is ideal. Fluency is often treated as a sort of “finish line” that certain language learners cross.

English Teaching Zone Levels of Fluency Explained

For example, a person who is fluent may be able to communicate clearly but may make a lot of. It is also very often tied in with the communicative approach and is often not referred to as fluency per se but as ‘communication.’. These are useful definitions, and they highlight some key aspects of fluency: Individual words do matter, but the ability to connect concepts and meanings like a native speaker is what matters most.