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How To List Own Business On Resume. Sustain consistency throughout the work section. The 'illustrator' keyword, then i would use 'owner'.

Own Business Resume Sample
Own Business Resume Sample from danetteforda.com

Start with your most recent job, as owner or otherwise, and go back from there. Listing your critical skills gained throughout your freelancing career will help ats (applicant tracking systems) and recruiters match/find your resume using keywords around skills they are seeking. Business owner with 15 years’ experience in a service environment solely responsible for all marketing communications, branding, pr, advertising, search engine optimization activities.

Own Business Resume Sample

It also gives the employer a chance to decide whether there is a conflict of interest. With some modifications to meet your individual needs and. So, i pointed out how they successfully developed their own business. It is important as it also tells me whether the potential employee is honest.