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Native Vs Fluent. Native is your first language or home country. They are very similar, and extremely compatible, but different in a few key ways.

Copy of ACCURACY VS. FLUENCY by Jane Lam
Copy of ACCURACY VS. FLUENCY by Jane Lam from www.haikudeck.com

Being fluent in a language means that you can not only understand the language but also speak in it and understand when others speak to you. Fluent and native are both open source tools. If someone is an intermediate speaker, they are able to communicate effectively with other speakers for matters relating to practical matters or business for example, but would not be.

Copy of ACCURACY VS. FLUENCY by Jane Lam

Lots of conversations with english speakers will help your linguistic abilities hugely. Proficiency is practiced by writing and reading.children might be fluent in a language although not exceptionally skillful. In 2017, microsoft released fluent design concept. Of late, i've noticed some lucrative job opportunities being posted on upwork where the client strictly places native or bilingual as one of their preferences in the job search.