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President Obama Smokes. And this may certainly be the case for president barack obama, who took up smoking cigarettes as a teenager and has exhibited a cyclical pattern of quitting and starting up again. Barack obama poses for a portrait session taken while he was a student in 1980 at occidental college in los angeles, ca.

Does Barack Obama Smoke?
Does Barack Obama Smoke? from celebanswers.com

“let president obama have a cigarette, already,” a washington post columnist wrote, countering that obama has “the lousiest gig in the world. There's no question that being the president is a stressful job, former president barack obama just had an unhealthy way of dealing with it. Obama is a family man in love with his beautiful wife (who supports only.

Does Barack Obama Smoke?

As cnn notes, obama writes openly in a promised land about how the pressures of the presidency ultimately led him to continue smoking. Obama said that his daughter, malia, eventually got him to quit smoking credit. She said that it was his daughters who inspired him to quit, as. Even when obama corrected the story by noting that he did not limit his intake to a precise number of almonds, he also noted that he didn’t snack on potato chips or cake.